Guidelines Regarding Vietnam Visa for US Citizens on Their Arrival

The people of US have an advantage of traveling to many countries without applying for a visa. Though, they have to possess a verified passport for doing this. However, if you want to visit Vietnam, you can’t do this. It is because Vietnam doesn’t allow the exemption for the Americans.

Let’s check some rules that you have to keep in mind while traveling to Vietnam.

  • Passport validity

Your passport should have six months validity before the date of your traveling. Make sure you do this because you might not be allowed to board if you don't satisfy it.

  • View here for exceptional rules

One exception is if you have an extended validity of your passport, but the page is empty, then the embassy will allow you to have a loose leaf visa. They will provide it to you at the entry port. Please click here to know more about exceptions.

Duration rules for the citizens

The term rules depend on the traveler and your purpose of visiting Vietnam. If you're traveling for business, then you can get a business visa for twelve months. If you're a tourist, then you can receive a tourist visa for which will be for three months. To know more about it view here. 

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